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Sense of Smell Came Back

Posted: October 30, 2014
By: Dr Kevin Jackson

Sense of smell came back!

This fantastic lady said today, "please do that adjustment on my neck again, I was able to smell things again." I asked if she had sinus problems and she said no. She went on to say that she hasn’t had a sense of smell for 6 years and after being adjusted last time her sense of smell kicked in.

The power the body has to heal itself is pretty amazing. :)

22 Years of Having MS

Posted: October 27, 2014
By: Dr Kevin Jackson

This beautiful lady told me, "after 22 years of having MS I am currently stable and am no longer on any type of therapy or medicines. I attribute that stability largely on my chiropractic care from you and Dr. Selina. Over the years I was on 4 forms of disease modifying drugs. Two were shots I administered myself, one was a monthly IV infusion and the last one was in a pill form. NOTHING can cure the disease but chiropractic care is certainly a positive form of healthcare," today at the office! 

Love her ♡

Monthly Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania Meeting

Posted: October 20, 2014
By: Dr Kevin Jackson

Monthly Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania Meeting - Drs. James Sheaffer, Angela Payne Lindenmuth, Selina Sigafoose Jackson and Kevin Jackson.

Topic: Chiropractic Certainty Equivalent

James talked about NUCCA, Selina gave an overview on Functional MRI studies and cerebral spinal fluid, Angela on intention while adjusting and I spoke about philosophical, technical, scientific and business certainty.

Chiropractic philosophy is meant for the world and not just an exclusive group. Come join us. :)